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Being a “Love Eccentric” by Becky Herren

LOVE. I have noticed this word quite a bit lately. It seems to be everywhere.  Sonny Hill spoke of the power of love two weeks ago in Sunday School; Bishop Curry’s sermon at the Royal Wedding was about the power of love; my family often tells each other, “ I love you!”; and I read where Franny Fortner whose funeral was Saturday had love in heart for life and the people in her life.

Jesus commands us to love God and love others. Of all the powers, love is the most powerful because it alone can conquer the human heart. God is love and love comes from God. Let us go into the world in peace to love and serve God.

PS: I read a blog after the Royal Wedding that Bishop Curry was “eccentric”… well, would it not be wonderful if we all were a bit of a love eccentric!