Turning Point

In 1976 I was 14 years old, wishing I had a driver’s license. For several years, my friends and I had been big into riding our bicycles all over the place. One of our routes would take us from the Belhaven/Millsaps area up North State Street to Madison county where we would meander around to HWY 463 and north until we got to this spooky old church.

Lenten Meditation: 27 February

When I was five and my best friend was four, we “ran away from home”, which constituted making camp for a couple of hours by a small stream three blocks from the house, without telling anybody where we were going.

Lenten Meditation: 26 February

This parable ties perfectly to the Psalm and the story of Joseph, the other readings for today. Note also that God fully intends that his Kingdom is to be protected: He fences it and builds a watchtower. We must tend the fence and man the watchtower.

Lenten Meditation: 25 February

When Jesus relates the parable of Laz’arus to His disciples, He tells of the rich man who ignored the needs of poor, ailing Laz’arus during his lifetime. After the rich man died, he begged for relief from his eternal agony. He pleaded with Abraham to send Laz’arus to warn his brothers.

Lenten Meditation: 24 February

At one period in his life, a minister passed through a difficult time. He had some very hard decisions to make and wasn’t sure what he should do. He asked God for guidance, but it seemed that no guidance was given.