We Are Pilgrims on a Journey – Campaign Update from the Martin’s

As we continue moving forward with our capital campaign, Malorise and I would like to take an opportunity to thank all of you for opening up your hearts and sharing your thoughts and dreams with us. Just the other day we were talking about how this campaign has given us the opportunity to deepen our relationships with so many of you throughout the visit process.

Crayon on the Font by the Rev. Ben Robertson

Baptism is such a joy and such an honor. When the Church baptizes someone, we are not only growing the Church or celebrating our forgiveness from sin and a new life of grace, we are welcoming a new soul into the community of Christ. And as part of that community, all of us promise do all in our power to support each other in our life in Christ.

Liturgy is a Team Sport by the Rev. Will Compton

Last time I blogged, it was about liturgy. This one is again about liturgy, but it is more about what, or more specifically, who makes the liturgy happen. It does not happen by itself. It takes words, symbols, signs, and movements to happen, so obviously, it takes people.