Go in Peace by Janet King

I read somewhere that the phrase, “Fear not” is written over 110 times in the Bible. Fear not! So what if you have 80 cupcakes and 120 children? Our mission of VBS isn’t to feed cupcakes; our mission is to raise our children in the knowledge and love of God. I’m happy to say those fears of mine proved to be completely ungrounded. We learned that God cares, and that God helps, and that we had enough cupcakes.

Meridian and Madison: My Past and Present by the Rev. Will Compton

Last Sunday, I went home to preach and celebrate at St Paul’s, my home church in Meridian. My roots are deeply entrenched there on the corner of 12th Street and 23rd Avenue. It was my third time to preach there, my first was as a senior in high school on Youth Sunday. It was a day full of nostalgia for me. In speaking of the past, however, it is important to acknowledge the present, and that is what I did in my sermon there, and I quote, “The shaping and forming for ministry that this place [St. Paul’s] began in me not too long ago, the Chapel of the Cross in Madison continues.”