Criticism Is Not An Olympic Sport by the Rev. Will Compton

A few years ago, I ran in a 5k race during the Bishop’s BBQ held at Gray Center. After the race, I was surprised to hear my name called when Bishop Gray began handing out awards. Never did I expect to finish third in my age group. I felt as if I had accomplished something. There were many people participating in the 5k who were serious runners, and I was not one of them.

A College Parent’s Prayer by the Rev. Ben Robertson

This past Sunday I was thrilled to see such a great group of kids bring their backpacks to the Chapel to be blessed before another school year: from little ones grinning from ear to ear, so proud of their first “big kid” backpack, to teenagers geared up for the challenges of another year. I was also glad to see so many teachers and administrators stand with our young people to receive our prayers for a excellent and safe school year. As a parent, I am so grateful for the ministry of teachers – they do so much and care so deeply about our kids and they can not be thanked enough.

Back to School at the Chapel by the Rev. Will Compton

It’s the most wonderful time of the year if you are a parent. If you are a student, chances are you’re dreading the days ahead. However, that blanket statement does not apply to everyone. There are those students out there who eagerly look forward to the start of a new school year and new opportunities to learn. They are to be commended on their eagerness. The start of school begins routines again.