Sing Once, Pray Twice by The Rev. Will Compton

After supper on Wednesday Nights, there is a group that meets at 6:30. I call them the “throng of white-robed saints.” They are the group that, through the power of the Holy Spirit, encourages me to lose my inhibitions on Sunday mornings and sing (or make a joyful noise) at the top of my lungs. They make our communal singing sound much better than it would without them. They work hard every week to ensure that our worship comes alive with music.

On 2 Sides of Confirmation by Courtney Aymett

As confirmation approaches this weekend, I am reminded of when I went through confirmation as a youth at Grace-St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Memphis, TN. I remember being so excited to officially join the Episcopal church. This was my first big step into growing into who I am today. While I honestly don’t remember everything we learned in our confirmation class, I do remember the feeling of how important this step was in my journey through life.