Have No Fear Little Flock by Courtney Aymett

When I was in elementary school, I sang in the choir at my church.  The only song I can remember singing was called “Have No Fear Little Flock.”  This was my grandfather’s favorite song and each day that I would go over to his house, he would ask me to come over to his chair and sing the first line to him: “Have no fear little flock, have no fear little flock, for the Father has promised to give you the kingdom, have no fear little flock.”  After singing it to him a few times, he would pull out his Bible and turn to Luke 12:32 which we would read together.  Luke 12:32 reminds us the same line, “Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom.”

Several years later, when I was in 6th grade, my grandfather, Papaw, passed away.  This was the first time someone in my family had died and I didn’t quite understand why Papaw had to leave so early.  After he passed, I became very fearful of my own death.  I was scared to touch anything that might not be clean and would immediately go to the bathroom and wash my hands.  Yet, Papaw never showed any inkling of fear during his time in the hospital.  He even woke up one night and told my grandmother that he had seen God and that “his time was coming soon.”  Papaw remained steadfast in his love for the Lord and remembered his promise that the Father will give you the kingdom, do not fear.  Papaw was ready to live in Heaven with our Father.

I reflect on Luke 12:32, especially during the Lenten season. During this season, we contemplate Jesus’ death and celebrate his resurrection. Jesus was without sin, and entered the kingdom of heaven to sit at the right hand of the Father.  He died for us so that, despite our inherent sinfulness, we too could be seated with the Father. That is why my grandfather was able to go peacefully, and without fear. He knew that Jesus died for our sins, and that the little flock need not be afraid.