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Funerals Are What We Do Best by Rev. Will Compton

In the past few weeks, we have had three funerals here at the Chapel of the Cross. At one of the three funerals, a parishioner told me a story. He once asked The Reverend David Christian what he liked about being a priest. Was it the beautiful weddings or is it baptizing the cute babies? David replied, no. It was funerals he liked best.

I agree with David Christian. The best part about being a priest are the funerals. This is especially true about funerals at the Chapel of the Cross. We do many things well here, but funerals are what we do best.

To watch the hospitality folks take over the kitchen and the parish hall is heartwarming. There is nothing more delicious and comforting than soul food after a funeral. Thank you to our Hospitality Committee chairs Mandy Pope and Lynn Thompson. And thank you to everyone who makes side dishes and can be found in the kitchen during funeral visitations and luncheons.

To make our song ‘Alleluia’ at the grave digging and the scotch passing brings peace to the family. This highest of Chapel traditions is always met with “Oh, daddy would love this,” or “Mother would be pleased to know you all toasted to her.” Thank you to our Gravediggers Guild chairs, Jon Woodward and Ross Harjes. Thank you to everyone who mocks death and gets dirty by helping dig the graves for our dead.

Thank you to Kyle Ward and our Flower Guild for their ministry of arranging beautiful funeral flowers that remind us, in the midst of death, there is always life.

Thank you to Joy Breslin our Altar Guild chair. Thank you also to Edith Stater and Lou Ellen Latham who have worn a path from the altar guild closet to the Chapel over these past three weeks, changing from wood to brass and back again for the funerals.

Whenever I am meeting with a family to plan a Chapel funeral, I always say to them, do not worry, the Chapel of the Cross is going to take care of you. And each time we do! I once heard it said that ninety percent of pastoral care is simply showing up. From the bottom of my heart (and dare I say from the bottom of Ben’s as well) thank you to everyone at the Chapel of the Cross for showing up.