Cursillo by Suzie Pooley

The Chapel and the Chapel community have been an important part of my spiritual life for decades.  Due to that involvement and through the encouragement of Chapel members, I was introduced to Cursillo which has been life changing.

In the late 90’s, I found myself on the list of participants to attend Cursillo.  I still am not sure how I was put on that list!  Believe me; I had plenty of reasons not to go.  It was summer.  I had three young children who were involved in multiple activities.  I didn’t want to go.  But things just started falling into place.  Apparently, God had a plan for me to be there that weekend; he just forgot to tell me!  I was definitely a reluctant pilgrim.  Driving to Gray Center, I was still thinking up reasons to turn around but once I saw the joyous welcome committee and saw the beauty of the rustic setting, I started to relax…a little.

A Cursillo weekend is so hard to describe and a blog just won’t cover it all.  It was a weekend full of laughter, tears, self-discovery and so much more.  For one long weekend, I felt more love in a place than I have ever felt. It was a weekend where all my needs were taken care of so that I could concentrate on my relationship with God and learn how to continue that relationship once I came back to the real world.  I came home renewed, refreshed and with a hunger for more.

It took a while to process all that happened that weekend.  Some of it I am still trying to process!  Since that time, I have served as staff on numerous Cursillo weekends.  As wonderful as my weekend was, serving on staff has been so much more.  It is the hardest and most rewarding work I have ever done.  I now have friends statewide who are there when extra prayers are needed or who are happy to open their homes and their hearts when needed.  I am so thankful for Cursillo and also thankful to those who pushed me to go!

For information on the next Cursillo Weekend explore the MS Cursillo website.