A Little Child Will Lead Them by Stephania Jackson

I failed Lent this year. I started out very determined and I’ve never done so poorly. I’ve become acutely aware of my shortcomings, which is a mostly a daily fail. Wow, I now work at Chapel and just knew this would be my best lent yet. I don’t like thinking how poorly I did this year.

Next Level Holy Week by the Rev. Ben Robertson

We will mark this Holy Week with several worship opportunities. However, I want to highlight two offerings that sometimes get overlooked, but can be profoundly meaningful and significantly enrich your Holy Week.

Holy Week Schedule

We hope that you are able to join us as we continue our Lenten journey to our Lord’s crucifixion and glorious resurrection.

Camp’s Lasting Influence by the Rev. Will Compton

Camp Bratton-Green. Bratton-Green. CBG. Or just “Camp.” It continues to form me. It continues to shape me. Just as it formed me in my adolescence, so does it now form me in my priesthood. Camp Bratton-Green is like your fingerprint. It stays with you even as you age and the fingerprints of Camp Bratton-Green have been imprinted on my life.