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“Chapel,” a poem by Steve Middleton

In the silence where only deer and sparrow go

the Spirit came walking by.

He stopped and knelt and rested,

“Here, let it be here upon this holy place.”

From the ground came clay,

mixed and shaped and fired.

From the woods came timber,

cut and sawed and hewn.

Brick to brick, timber to timber it rose to meet the oaks

Oh what you have seen

the joys and tears, the triumphs and tragedies

a Bride that mourned.

Men have passed your gates on their way to war

then ever so slowly to your silence you returned

you witnessed the years go by,

“It must have been grand, it must have been wonderful,

this place of long ago.”

Then the Spirit came walking by

he looked and saw and touched,

“Here, let it be here upon this holy place.”

“Hopes and dreams and faith and prayers,”

we sing, we praise, we worship, we build,

upon this holy place.