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Two Reflections about Flower Guild

Are you interested in joining one of the most creative ministries at the Chapel? The Flower Guild consists of teams and each team is responsible for placing flowers at the altar six times a year. All the teams work together on Easter and Christmas to create beautiful creations for the season. NO experience is needed – only a willing heart. Training is provided and is fun!

Our current members are eager to share their knowledge and artistry with new members and are happy to pass along their experience and skills to others. If you are interested in being a part of this rewarding ministry or if you have any questions,  please contact Becky Herren.

Two Flower Guild Members, Laney Crampton and Meredith Bailess, have written reflections about their experiences on the Flower Guild.  Perhaps they will inspire you to become part of this beautiful ministry.


One of my joys about attending services at the Chapel has always been drinking in the beauty of the flowers on the altar and in the narthex. I had always admired the women of the Flower Guild for their expertise in creating breathtaking arrangements. And that is the very reason I waited so long to join the Guild. I was thoroughly convinced that I could never do what they do. Well, two years ago, a friend in the Guild asked me to join. She told me I would not be expected to have existing skills and that I could learn by following others. I thought that, if nothing else, I could make myself useful by sweeping the floors with its unused cuttings! Does that sound like you?

In the Flower Guild room, I was a new member working alongside veterans creating the arrangements so that they complemented one another. We all stood back to look at the vases to see where a gorgeous lily needed to be placed and how the ivy should cascade. There was certainly no intimidation going on there! For these reasons and the fact that I am someone who values laughter and good conversation, I had found my people!

Each Flower Guild team consists of four women assigned six Sundays a year, and all members are invited to create the flower magic for the Easter and Christmas services. Even though these are unsettling times and services are now limited to the number who can attend, there will be flowers on the altar for onsite as well as virtual communicants to enjoy. And with our new church almost completed, we will have an additional sacred space to adorn. We are now forming new teams. Come be with us.

Peace to you all,
Laney Crampton


I’ve always admired the beautiful flowers at the Chapel, and I was so impressed when I learned that they were all done by volunteers members of our congregation! Beyond some really special personal memories like our wedding and Kennedy’s baptism, the arrangements, much like music, always add so much to the worship experience for me. It’s especially fun to see the flowers echo the various aspects of the church year like Pentecost and Advent. Watching the arrangements “bloom” as the weeks of Advent pass reminds me to allow the prayerfulness and expectation of this special time of year to grow as well. And who can ignore those flaming reds, yellows and oranges on Pentacost!

For years, I would trim a few blooms from the yard or treat myself to flowers at the grocery store from time to time and try my hand at arranging. From the time I joined the Chapel family and learned of the volunteer group that shared responsibility for the flowers each week, I had an interest in becoming part of the Flower Guild. Despite my interest, I let the demands of my professional life keep me from jumping in. When my work life changed in early 2019, I finally reached out to a friend who is a long-time part of the Flower Guild to get involved.

Getting to contribute to Chapel worship as part of the Flower Guild has truly been among my greatest pleasures in the time since. In addition to learning about various types of flowers, greenery and sustainable arranging techniques, the Flower Guild allows me to fellowship in an even deeper way with others who share my novice interest and joy in helping to showcase God’s handiwork.

My professional life has changed yet again, but the Flower Guild remains a part of my life. I’ve learned that the Flower Guild is flexible and accommodating to the crazy life of a working mom… something that I now share with many others on the Flower Guild!

Meredith Bailess