How you can help the MS Delta

March 25th, 2023
Friends in Christ,
As you know, the storms last night ravaged parts of the Mississippi Delta, namely Sharkey and Humphreys counties. Tom and I are in touch with the diocese and its disaster response and have been in touch with our Bishop, The Rt. Rev. Brian Seage.
Here is what is needed and the two things we can do:
Water and snacks are needed for the responders. The Chapel of the Cross has already responded in this way as you can see from the picture above. Three trucks full of water and snacks were collected at the church this morning and have been dispatched to the Delta. When you come to church tomorrow, bring with you water and easily distributable snacks (chips, snack bars, etc) and drop these items off on the stage in the Parish Hall. You may also drop these off during the week. We will be making more runs to the Delta to drop these items off in the days to come.
Give money for relief efforts. You may donate online at or you may Venmo money to the Chapel of the Cross (@chapelofthecrossmadison). You may also write a check and put it in the plate tomorrow or drop it off in the office this week. However you give, make sure to put “Tornado Relief” in the memo line.
This money will be used in three ways. First, Brett Bailess’ store, Service Lumber Company in Rolling Fork, MS, was leveled in the storms. The money we collect will be used to make sure his employees have what they need, some whom have lost their homes. Second, we will donate to the discretionary fund of the Rector of the Chapel of the Cross in Rolling Fork. Our sister church has experienced a total loss and their parishioners are in need as well. Third, we will continue to use the funds to purchase water, snacks, and other items that will continue to aid the relief effort in the days and weeks ahead.
I will keep the parish updated about next steps and when we might begin sending folks up to aid with the clean up. May our Lord, Jesus Christ, who calmed the storm, be with our brothers and sisters in the Delta.
Christ’s peace,