In the middle of a grove, there is a glade. And in that glade, in the shadows of centuries-old magnolia, oak, cedar, and dogwood there stands a simple brick church: a vibrant community of faith where people have gathered for more than 150 years to find and be found by God, to raise their children in the faith, to bury their dead, and to bask in the comfort and support of fellowship, as they travel along their spiritual journey.  -Steven Hicks

Welcome to the Chapel of the Cross!

Whether you are a first time visitor or you have been part of the Chapel for generations, we invite you to worship with us and explore how the Chapel can be a part of your journey with God.  You can further explore the Chapel, interior, exterior & historic drawings, through our Galleries.



What to expect on a Sunday:

  1. You will be welcomed.  The Chapel is a growing community of faith and we would love for you to join us.  Sit anywhere you like – no one has a reserved pew.  Children of all ages are sincerely welcome in all services, but a nursery is offered for infants and toddlers in the education building as well as Children’s Church for three year olds and up in the Children’s Chapel during the 10:30 a.m. service.
  2. You will not be singled out.  When you visit the Chapel, no one is going to ask you to stand up, introduce yourself, and share your favorite football team.  But, a few folks might shake your hand and say hello.
  3. You will worship in a deep and ancient way.  We are proud of how we worship at the Chapel, rooted in historic rites, beautiful music, and the grand Anglican tradition.  However, if you have never attended a “liturgical” worship service, you may feel a bit lost at first.  Don’t worry about it – all of us were in your shoes once upon a time.  Please ask questions.  We love to help and share why we connect with God at the Chapel.
  4. You will find your way to plug in.  The Chapel is a busy place and not only on Sundays.  While you may just want to worship with us at first, you might also want to jump in with both feet and visit one of our Sunday School classes, bible studies, fellowship groups, or outreach ministries.
  5. We hope to see you again.  The Chapel means a lot to each and every one of us, and we hope you will fall in love with her beauty, community, and mission, like we have.  May God bless you and your family.