This Sunday’s Outdoor Eucharist

A few notes about this Sunday …

In the 61st Psalm, the word sings, “Let me abide in your tent forever, find refuge under the shelter of your wings.”  I find enormous comfort in that verse.  This chapter of history is exhausting and we seek and find respite in our faith.  And rightly so, for our God is holy and provides shelter from various tempests and struggles.

The COVID-19 Pandemic is still with us, like an annoying dinner party guest that won’t take the hint.  And, in all seriousness, virus numbers are rising, in our parish and our state.  We are compelled to respond.  Therefore, in consultation with the Governor’s latest Executive Orders, the Bishop, and the Vestry, the Chapel has modified our reopening plan.

We will continue to gather for worship on Sunday mornings, outside, at 8 and 10.  However, attendance will be limited to twenty at each service.  Folks may bring a chair or remain in their car and listen on the radio.  Masks should be worn at all times and social distancing will be observed.  To reserve a spot for Sunday worship, please email or contact Emily.  Regrettably, worship can not occur inside, in the Chapel or otherwise, until further notice.

Since attendance on Sunday mornings is so limited, Ben and Will are also offering “Garden Eucharist.”  If you would like to gather 20 or fewer family or friends in your yard or on the porch, we will bring worship to you.  Please contact Ben or Will to make arrangements.

We are also exploring other ways to broadcast our worship.  Facebook Live is serviceable (sometimes), but we are looking for other ways to digitally share our worship on multiple platforms at the same time, including our website, to extend our reach and increase accessibility.  Keep an eye on your email for details.

And, as we continue to endure this pandemic, I pray you will take care of yourself.  Give yourself permission not to be perfect, not to live your best life, not to pretend things are normal, because they aren’t.  It’s ok not to be ok.  If you want to gab, cry, cuss, lament, or whatever, please call Will or me.  Moreover, a professional counselor and member of the parish is offering a free session for anyone who needs to talk.  I am profoundly grateful for this generous and kind gift to the parish.  Contact Ben if you are interested.

The Church is essential and remains open, albeit in temporary, strange, and non-traditional ways.  And the love of God, our love for the Chapel, and our love of each other continues, endures, and thrives.  We look forward to celebrating that love with you Sundays on campus, in your home, or online.  Be well & be safe.

Watch the Livestream!

Click here for the full text bulletin for 8 (Rite I)

Click here for the full text bulletin for 10 (Rite II)