Wednesday Night Supper postponed

Chapel Friends,

With school starting for so many this week, young folks dropped off at college, and football just around the corner, I am excited about autumn.  But, with the continued rise of the Delta Variant, it is incumbent upon us to take some temporary precautionary measures to ensure our collective safety at parish events.

Our Virus Committee has discussed what might be best at this time regarding Wednesday Night Supper.  In keeping with their expert recommendations, and with the full support of the Vestry, we have decided to postpone the return of Wednesday Night Supper.  While disappointing, we do not want a church event to be the source of infection, especially among our beloved children, who are abundant at Wednesday Night Supper.  This is NOT an indefinite suspension – the Virus Committee will keep a close eye on our local situation, and we will resume this important tradition as soon as soon as we can.

Individuals may be at high risk for complications related to the Coronavirus.  For more information visit our Mississippi Department of Health or consult your physician.  And please get vaccinated if you can, and encourage your friends and family to do so as well.

We continue to pray for all of the doctors, nurses, aides, therapists, administrators, and leaders who are battling this devilish virus.  We also pray for students, teachers, parents, administrators, nurses, coaches, bus drivers, and everyone else beginning a new school year.  And we fervently pray for the members of the Chapel who are sick.  May God bless you and your family, and keep you healthy and safe.

Keep the Faith,