Animals and the Good Creation by the Rev. Will Compton

A parishioner sent me a text recently. She is a teacher and was concerned about something her students were telling her. They were telling her that dogs have no soul and therefore, do not go to heaven (quite the classroom discussion between conjugating verbs). She wanted my thoughts.

Striving to be One Church by the Rev. Will Compton

Bishop Seage speaks often about striving to be one Church. When the Chapel of the Cross graciously allows me the time to preach and celebrate the eucharist at another church, we are living into that call of being one Church.

Early Comments by Steve Middleton

Steve Middleton shared an original poem with the Vestry last Wednesday which imagines what passers by might have thought when Margaret Johnstone was originally constructing the Chapel in 1848.

What’s in a Hymn by Michael Beattie

An amazing collection of theologies and poetry, hymns are affirmations, encouragements and even admonitions. We cannot divorce ourselves from current life circumstances when encountering these powerful texts. And, as always, to read is to interpret. For me, a hymn is at its strongest when it speaks to today’s world issues. 

I have seen Him by the Rev. Ben Robertson

The first few days of GC have been a whirlwind. I am amazed at the vastness and diversity of the Church; however, I am also amazed by how many friends and colleagues are here. Our Church is a wild and loving family!