A Little Child Shall Lead Them by Stephania Jackson

Children are wonderfully made with a special spiritually all their own. They are so much more than miniature grownups, incubating to be adults one day. When we think that way, we detract from the true value of their childhood by focusing on the future adult they will become. It is invaluable to be fully engaged and mindful of the presence of our children by being fully present for them.

God is working.

We who read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest holy scripture (as the Prayer Book instructs us to do) sometimes lament the illusion that we no longer see and experience the heroes, prophets, miracle workers, great writers and orators, and other characters we experience in the Bible.

The Perpetual Beauty and Holiness of the Book of Common Prayer, by Eric Eaton

“Sheesh.  It’s the 2000’s.  You’d think they would learn to print all of this on the bulletin so I can stop the juggling act!”  That was me the first time I attended an Episcopal church.  I dropped the Book of Common Prayer (BCP) and Hymnal no less than 3 times that day.  I know many of you may have felt that way or still do, in fact, as we work our way through worship on any given day in our churches. 

Numbers by Michael Barker

I would like to discuss a few numbers this December that are important to the Chapel of the Cross.

A Christmas Reflection from Ben+

Oh, Buddy, stop stuffing biscuit and fetch our buggy. Help me find my hat. We’ve thirty cakes to bake.