The Shoebox by Stephania Jackson

My father had to learn adult lessons as a very young child. His father ended his own life in 1939, when the Great Depression hit, leaving the family with staggering gambling debts for his widow to pay off. My grandmother worked hard to pay off these debts by being the solo operator of a small […]

All the Goofy Goobers by Sarah Anderson

We all have something that sets us apart from the crowd, something that makes us a little “goofy.” These are the things that make us who we are and that make our Church community so weird and wonderful!

A Little Child Will Lead Them by Stephania Jackson

I failed Lent this year. I started out very determined and I’ve never done so poorly. I’ve become acutely aware of my shortcomings, which is a mostly a daily fail. Wow, I now work at Chapel and just knew this would be my best lent yet. I don’t like thinking how poorly I did this year.