Another VBS in the Books by the Rev. Will Compton

As I write, the unofficial Vacation Bible School alma mater, โ€œFather Abraham,โ€ is ringing out from the parish hall. This is one of the best weeks at the Chapel of the Cross, rivaled only in its bustling activity, by the week of Day in the Country. The songs, the crafts, and the storytelling reminds me of Vacation Bible Schools of yore growing up at First Christian Church in Meridian.

Excellent Youth News!

I am thrilled to announce some exciting youth ministry news. After a thorough search and interviewing many great candidates, and with the invaluable help of Whitney Robinson, the Diocese of Mississippiโ€™s Director of Youth Ministries, and several parishioners …

What’s In a Name? by Janet L. King

This past Friday, we received a call at the Chapel from a Memphis gentleman. He said that he and his wife would be driving through the area later in the day and they wondered if they could possibly look inside the Chapel and walk around the cemetery. The man explained that his wife was a direct descendent of the family that built the Chapel and that she had always wanted to see it.

Who is R.D.?

Someone at sometime carved the initials R and D into the altar rail. Was it someone giving thanks for prayers answered? Was it someone marking an adolescent love? Was it just a jerk who felt the need to vandalize. Who knows?

Parish Weekend: Present and Future by the Rev. Will Compton

Parish weekend is a tradition among many Episcopal churches in Mississippi. However, this was my first parish weekend to attend and it was a blast! I grew up going to Camp Bratton-Green as a youth so being back in that place, as a parent of two, was surreal.