Garden Guild

The Garden Guild was started in January, 2012. It was created to help maintain the grounds of the Chapel property. Stage 1 goals of “tidy up, maintain, and simplify” have been met. The front gate entrance and the entrance bed by the handicapped parking have been cleaned up. These 2 areas are the most observed and set the tone for first impressions of the church and the grounds. 10 areas of the grounds have been “adopted” by parishioners and are being maintained. Stage 2 goals have been met. The “wilderness” area was bush hogged to get the brush mowed down. Azalea and boxwood plantings were done to fill in areas and replace dead shrubs. A cheap, homemade sprinkler system was installed using hoses, sprinkler heads, and timers. It has to be manually run. Future goals are to maintain what is in place and to add a sprinkler system in the shade garden.

It is our goal to use wisely the resources given to us. Leaves are ground up and used for mulch. We would like to get free mulch from the Hinds County Landfill and reduce the huge expense of pine straw. We have a group of helpers, but can always use more volunteers!