Regular Services

Worship at the Chapel


XD5B7631Worship is important to us at The Chapel of the Cross. It brings us together, transforming us from individuals, into the Body of Christ. Therefore, we believe that our worship is nothing less than an encounter with the living God. Our worship is rooted in the Holy Eucharist which gives us strength and joy to seek and serve Christ in all persons. What we do and say in the context of our worship reflects the way the Chapel of the Cross and its members live out its mission and preaches the good news of Jesus Christ in the world.

Our worship is a time when the community comes together to sing, pray, and offer what we have and who we are to God.  Our worship can be described as holy yet accessible and beautiful yet approachable. It is rooted in both the best of Anglican traditions and the rich traditions of the Chapel of the Cross. It is the deepest expression of our faith and assures us that wherever we are in our faith journey, we are, as the apostle Paul said, “…one in Christ Jesus.”

Musical leadership for the Chapel’s worship is provided by the Chapel Choir, which sings regularly at the 11:00am service, occasionally at the 8:45am service and for all festival services and special services. The choir, consisting of volunteers from the parish and section leaders, also participates in collaboration with other area choirs for special events and Evensong services. The organ at the Chapel was built by the Holtkamp Organ Company (Cleveland, OH).  It is a unit pipe organ originally built in large numbers by Holtkamp for use in organ practice rooms at colleges and universities around the country.

Sunday XD5B7636
Traditional Holy Eucharist at 7:30am.
Holy Eucharist with organ at 8:45am.
Holy Eucharist with choir and organ at 11:00am.
Simple Holy Eucharist at 5:00pm.
Formation for all ages at 10am.

Simple Holy Eucharist with prayers for healing at 5:30pm.