Christians and the Rhetoric of Snark by Julie Ray Brown

Recently I was reading an Instagram post by a well-known Christian author and speaker and in it she was introducing a new Christian author that she LOVES. She wrote “suffice it to say that if you are comfortable with swears, snark, and sarcasm, this is your girl.” And my first thought was: when did it become okay for Christians to extol “swears, snark and sarcasm.” Has snark become a virtue?

Refreshed: a Parish Weekend Reflection by Eric Eaton

The stress of life and work had already started to melt at the welcome sign, but once I saw that pristine lake and a metal canoe, I knew what our first activity would be before supper: strapped the boys into vests and paddles went into the boat, and we were off! Serenity hit us all at once.

Welcoming the Stranger by Janet King

How are we welcoming the strangers in our midst? What are we doing to spread the love of Christ to those who come to our Chapel? I pray that we reflect that love as we welcome the stranger during our upcoming Holy Week, Easter, and beyond. I pray that we make the stranger’s encounter with us just so good.

Funerals Are What We Do Best by Rev. Will Compton

In the past few weeks, we have had three funerals here at the Chapel of the Cross. At one of the three funerals, a parishioner told me a story. He once asked The Reverend David Christian what he liked about being a priest. Was it the beautiful weddings or is it baptizing the cute babies? David replied, no. It was funerals he liked best.

Global Heart by Maggie Ryals

I have always associated the month of February with Valentine’s Day and hearts, however the kind of “hearts” I have associated with the holiday have always tended to be of the chocolate variety. So when I was offered the opportunity to provide anesthesia on a congenital heart medical mission trip during the month of February, “hearts” took on a new meaning for the holiday.