Visitor/Welcoming Committee

To ensure that our visitors are made welcome, parishioners are appointed for each service to greet visitors, introduce them to others and answer any questions they may have.  Follow-up phone calls are made to those who complete the visitor card in the pews.

Wednesday Night Suppers

During the school year, supper is served at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesdays. The cost is $5 for adults and $3 for children under 12. You may make a reservation each week or be placed on the standing list – call the church office at 601.856.2593. You are also encouraged to join the St. Martha’s Guild which prepares the suppers.

Young Adults

This newly formed group at The Chapel of the Cross meets regularly for formation and other fun events and family activities. It includes those who are single and those with significant others. The young adult foyer group meets monthly in the home of a young adult in the parish and children are welcome! Come be a part of this growing group at the Chapel of the Cross.

Seasoned Saints

Our Seasoned Saints luncheon will be held quarterly at the Chapel, anyone over 50 is welcome to join in on this fun time at the Chapel.  We gather in the Parish Hall for lunch, fellowship and a program.  In December our Seasoned Saints guest speaker was Mr. Walt Grayson from Looking Around Mississippi.  We would love to have anyone who would like to come. For information about Seasoned Saints contact Parish Administrator Dana Tiffin.

Foyer Groups

Foyer Groups are groups made up of 5-6 Chapel couples, or individuals, who gather approximately every other month for dinner, socializing and Christian fellowship. The groups gather on a rotating basis in the home of one of the group members. Foyer Groups have been a Chapel tradition for quite a few years. The groups change every year.

These small groups have a wonderful history of deepening our relationships with one another and strengthening those bonds that truly make us a family in Christ at the Chapel. Many have said that some of their best Chapel friendships have come out of the Foyer Groups.

If you desire to participate in a Foyer Group, all you have to do is be willing to host one (1) Foyer Group dinner during the year and sign-up! The Foyer Groups normally begin in January or February of each year. Advance notices advising the details and deadlines for signing up will be placed in the bulletin, the newsletter, and in e-mail advisories. If you have any questions regarding Foyer Groups, call or e-mail Ralph & Lynne Stillions @ 856-6623 or rstillions@comcast.net. Or, of course, contact the Parish Office.

Parish Weekend

DSC01122Each Spring, the Parish welcomes the arrival of the new season with a Parish Weekend at Camp Bratton-Green, located ten miles north of Canton.  Staying in the camp cabins, families, couples, and individuals enjoy a full slate of activities:  swimming, ropes courses, Frisbee golf, fishing, canoeing, sailing, hiking, card games, four-square, arts & crafts,  or the favorite activity of many–relaxing around a campfire on those cool, crisp spring evenings.  We cook our own food and enjoy a relaxed schedule—getting away from the hustle, bustle and noise of our regular activities.  The weekend culminates with a Sunday morning, Parish-wide, outdoor worship service overlooking the lake.  The service is followed by a delicious pot-luck lunch always accented by fried chicken.