A Gentle Reflection by Brenda Davis Hawkins

The children were filled with anticipation reading their lines, dressing in their costumes and of course, finding their places on stage.  Children of all ages were making ready – and lots of children there were playing many parts.

An Advent Reflection by Eric Eaton

It seems we literally just finished the last lines of Auld Lang Syne and 2019 made its entry into our lives.  Yet, here we are mere weeks away from 2020.  The world is moving by fast.

A Thanksgiving Reflection from Ben+

Despite my various missteps, rebellions, and sins, I would eventually grow up. And there was nothing my square parents could do about it.

Thankful, by Meredith and Brett Bailess

There aren’t any better words to express how we feel as we reflect on our experience as Chairs for Day in the Country 2019.