A Thanksgiving Reflection from Ben+

Despite my various missteps, rebellions, and sins, I would eventually grow up. And there was nothing my square parents could do about it.

Thankful, by Meredith and Brett Bailess

There aren’t any better words to express how we feel as we reflect on our experience as Chairs for Day in the Country 2019.

Recalculating at Cursillo, by Emily Tipton

I graduated from college 159 days ago. This makes me feel a little unqualified to offer any kind of spiritual advice— after all, I’m still a kid (or at least I still ask my mom if she’ll help me book my dentist appointments. And she does, God bless her). Luckily, I recently attended a four-day […]

Higher than Mine, by The Rev. Ben G. Robertson

One of my favorite bands of the last few years is “Sons of Bill.”  Formed in Charlottesville, VA, by five guys, three of whom are brothers (and sons of a guy named Bill), they fit squarely in the popular Americana or Roots Rock genres.  When I had a radio show on WEVL in Memphis, they […]