Recalculating at Cursillo, by Emily Tipton

I graduated from college 159 days ago. This makes me feel a little unqualified to offer any kind of spiritual advice— after all, I’m still a kid (or at least I still ask my mom if she’ll help me book my dentist appointments. And she does, God bless her). Luckily, I recently attended a four-day […]

Higher than Mine, by The Rev. Ben G. Robertson

One of my favorite bands of the last few years is “Sons of Bill.”  Formed in Charlottesville, VA, by five guys, three of whom are brothers (and sons of a guy named Bill), they fit squarely in the popular Americana or Roots Rock genres.  When I had a radio show on WEVL in Memphis, they […]

DITC40, by Will Compton

The Fall is here! Well, the temperatures are still in the 90s, and we have a few more weeks until the autumnal equinox… but in our spirits and our schedules, the Fall is here! EYC, Catechesis, choir, Wednesday Night Suppers, Children’s Choir, Chapel Young Adults, Sunday School for all ages, and football have all kicked […]

“Chapel,” a poem by Steve Middleton

In the silence where only deer and sparrow go the Spirit came walking by. He stopped and knelt and rested, “Here, let it be here upon this holy place.” From the ground came clay, mixed and shaped and fired. From the woods came timber, cut and sawed and hewn. Brick to brick, timber to timber […]

The Shoebox by Stephania Jackson

My father had to learn adult lessons as a very young child. His father ended his own life in 1939, when the Great Depression hit, leaving the family with staggering gambling debts for his widow to pay off. My grandmother worked hard to pay off these debts by being the solo operator of a small […]